Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some fun for Gramma and Grandkids

Strawberries are out there and I could not resist yesterday.

Even though we are leaving tomorrow for a week of camping, to Spectacle Lake Resort,  and I have yet to pack.

These also arrived in the mail yesterday and I wanted to put something IN them for the cooler.  I am always looking for ways to make the grandkids some treats, without all the sugar. 
You freeze them and them you squish it out, or drink it out later. They have a nice non-leaky lid. I know we have all gotten the "popsicle" makers. Always going to make our own healthy stuff and then all 1000 pieces end up in the "tupperware" drawer until the last child chews the last plastic stick in half.

 I have been doing, eating,  100 days of  real food since Easter. I don't necessarily agree with all she does, but she has some good recipes. I prefer to not add all the honey and maple syrup she does. Also she eats tons of bread things. I tried all that the first week and gained 6 pounds, so not for me! I did not start this as a "diet" or to loose weight, it is just kind of what we have been moving towards for a few years, and I wanted to see if it would work for us. It was not that big of a shock for me. I don't drink pop, eat artificial sweeteners, or too much junk. I never used a lot of boxed foods and cereals. So no withdrawal for me.  I feed my husband well, and he still stops for his own ice cream.

Any way, today Cohen and I opened up the box of  Silicone ice pop makers and had some fun.

I mixed up some fresh strawberries and some of my Grace Harbor Farms plain, NOT homogenized (so the cream rises to the top-yum) Yogurt. In my food processor. ( I love this stuff plain. )We got a big bowl of this:

I put it in the pop maker and froze it. I had my taste testers standing by. 

No complaints, he sucked the whole thing down. 

Then pleaded for more. He always gives us this pitiful, I am SO hungry look. 

I guess he had worked off his strawberry breakfast crepes. 

I put the leftover mix into lined muffin tins and froze it. When the kids come, we peel off the wrapper, put it in a dish and it gives all the thrill of ice cream, only no sugar and other not so good for you things. 
Maybe even Grampa will like it enough to give up some of his ice cream! 

Well, now I really better get camping. I am REALLY looking forward to this trip. Especially because when I return, maybe, maybe the raspberries will be ready!! 
Freezer jam done!

Car packed and ready, done!

A little motherly reminder: Always check you boat or trailer to make sure the tail lights are working (we may be up all night) 
Label everything you put in your freezer, believe me, you will NEVER remember what it is, or when you put it in there!