Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For the Love of Carter: Take ?

We make diapers for  Teeny Tears. We started after the loss of our grandson Carter. I have loved sewing little things for babies for many years. I love quilting. We first heard about Teeny Tears when looking for "preemie" clothes, when we knew Jana's boys would most likely be early. The word "bereavement" popped up in my search, along with these patterns for tiny diapers. I immediately closed the page and said, well that's NOT what I am looking for!!

God had other plans for my Grandsons. They would, indeed be born early, at 25 weeks and Carter passed away. His Identical twin brother Cohen spent 4 months in the University of Washington NICU. He is now home and giving us all a run for our money! We want to remember Carters life and the Teen Tears diapers were a wonderful way to do that, and so for others who were bearing the incredible pain of loosing a child. Carter has changed our lives in many ways and we want to remember how much he means to our family, what a fighter he was and how incredibly much we love him and miss him. Working on these diapers is very healing. I am constantly AMAZED by the Moms who have suffered such loss, now give their time, money and family resources to make these diapers for other families.

When I saw "Citrus Valley Medical Center" 60 diapers. I was thinking I could do that by myself and do it in memory of Carter. I just really wanted to do  it, not sure why. So I started in. Of COURSE I was not doing ANY of this by myself!! When I say WE started doing diapers, it really is WE. Jana is our commander, we have MANY faithful friends who cut, flip, sew, iron, ribbon and pin! ALL of our family has been involved and I am amazed at how far reaching it is. So THANK YOU ALL who help us make these diapers for these precious angels. It really is a sacred thing when you hear someone got one of the diapers or blankets. You are glad they did, but SO sad and burdened that they did.

Cohen helping with the diapers in memory of his twin brother, Carter
I left a diaper for Carter at Heavens Gate, ID. Elevation 8429 feet! It was as close as I can get for now, little Buddy! 
Grampa flipping diapers. 

Thank you to all the NWWDD (North West Washington Diaper Dreamers)! This has been such a part of the healing for this Gramma. The grief is so hard to bear at times. I want it all better for my daughter and I want Carter here. It's a hard place to be. But the friends we have made thru Carters life and loss have been such a blessing. 

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