Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Food

I started writing this blog, in order to share recipes, sewing ideas and help others. Of course some folks think I have ENTIRELY too much time on my hands. Maybe someday I will have time to share more cooking, sewing and recipes. 

I kind of have this thing that I want my grandkids to eat well. Even tho it is CLEARLY out of my hands. I am not the "bowls of M&M's all over the house" kind of Gramma, but love to make cookies and goodies with the kids and let them help me make applesauce and things out of the garden. I try to have real food here when they come to visit. When Cohen was in the NICU, there was SO little I could do for him, I started making applesauce. It grew from there. 

I see so much on line on "how do I make food for my baby". (Google it and you get: About 810,000,000 results (0.26 seconds) My response has always been, as we did, smash up whatever YOU are eating and toss it on the tray! I am sensing that this answer will not cut it anymore...

Jana is not real keen on touching raw meat of any kind. She said he could legally have chicken now, so I offered to take this on. 


Go to the hen house and find your least productive laying hen, start a LARGE pot of boiling water on a fire in the yard...JUST kidding! 

I used 2 large chicken breasts
4 large peeled carrots
1 cup white rice cooked. 
Cut the chicken in cubes, cook it on the stove top. cut the carrot in chunks, boil till done. Make one cup white rice. 

When it is all cooked, I put it all in my Cuisinart, the chicken, rice and carrots AND the water from the carrots. Whirl away. It is pureed and ready to eat, or freeze. I leave some tiny chunks of carrots and rice in a bowl, to put on his tray so he can practice feeding himself. 

You get THIS

I then choose the appropriate size cookie baller. He is using the "big boy" scoop now, 

I blob the mixture on a tupperware lid and freeze. 
( Set them beside all the other food  you have been making him, sweet potatoes and applesauce. Follow the same procedure for these yummy dishes.) They are easy to just pick off these lids. 

When they are frozen, put them in a freezer bag and back in the freezer. You can pull out what he will eat that day and put it in the fridge, till you warm it up.  Add water or formula if it is not "runny" enough for your baby. These are very easy to take WITH you, too, when on the road. 
ALWAYS label what goes in your freezer. I am pretty sure my husband will be excited when he sees the "muffins". I guess they are healthy... 

So there it is, Google it now and you will get About 810,000,001 results (0.26 seconds!

I just wanted to share how EASY it is and not hard to get your baby some yummy, 
REAL food. Have you SMELLED those jars of baby meats? Cat food smells more appetizing. If you feed it to your child, I think YOU should have to eat a jar first!!  
The happy helper!