Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paint job

I never posted this, either. But it was about March 2011?
The dining room, Entry project. OK, the painting is pretty much done. It took me about 6 years to take the plunge. That is when I took all the stuff off the walls and wanted it done. The delft blue and pink and ivy stenciling had to go. But the problem was there was no texture on the dining room walls. So that was a biggie BUT we got it done, painted and I love it. It is "evolving" as Nancy says. (Nancy Haugness, Interior Redesign, Custer, WA). I use Nancy as she can see the "whole" picture and saves tons of time, energy and MISTAKES!!! 

My Old (110 years) house is back to it's Farmhouse roots and I love it. 
 Here is John ripping off the old wallpaper. 

Here is Michelle helping. 

John heading back to college, OUTSIDE the house

Christine and I in the kitchen, but you can't see much. 
I can't see to find the photos I took of the finished project.Maybe another day. Any way, still loving it. 

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