Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Party Food?

September 20, 2011

I kind of remembered I had started this blog.I though it might be a good idea to keep it up, as it will help me remember things that might need remembering someday.

Today I held my grandson, Cohen, who is in the NICU at the University of Washington Medical Center. I went early and held him for 4 hours.Makes a day seem REALLY special! He is doing well and hopefully will be coming home soon. That is a WHOLE blog in itself. Go here to read about a miracle journey from a courageous young woman. (my daughter). Jana's Blog.
Sleepy little man

Jana said this should read "My Gramma is Nuts"

BUT on the way home I stopped at The Green Barn  to get some fresh peaches I have been craving. There was a young lad in line behind me. I kept hearing him go on and on about the McIntosh Apples. I turned and he was 20ish, nice haircut, clean clothes, Telling us old gals how McIntosh Apples are great to serve at parties, as the do not brown, as they are so acidic, they to not need treating in lemon juice and do not turn brown. That kind of cracked me up, the "great to serve at parties" line, Then I saw what he was buying, Some sort of large winter squash and LEEKS!! LEEKS?? I THINK they were leeks. What is a young 20ish guy doing buying SQUASH and LEEKS and he knows all about PARTY FOOD? I mean WHOLESOME party food? I almost said, for party food the AM/PM is just down the road! I am still amazed by this. To most guys, party food would be Doritos and 6 pack!

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