Sunday, October 16, 2011


I used the name "Out There" because we are. Not really on the way to anywhere.  We  don't get many "drop in" visitors. And our life seems to be a bit "out there". But I love it. Brownie, our little 15 yr old pygmy goat died this week. That was kind of the "end of an era". We have had goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats when the kids were growing up. My husband always said he'd NEVER have a goat. That was my thing. I asked him if we could PLEASE get 2 little pygmy goats, as they are sooo cute. That was about 14 years ago when he first started work at BP. He agreed and we brought them home. They followed us around like little dogs. Then someone had some "free" sheep they wanted to give us. Oh boy... not. But my husband also adopted these sheep.  They ate the nice grass and the goats preferred the yucky stuff. It made a good combo. Over the years they have all moved on the the big pasture in the sky. EACH while my husband was not at home. There are some kind of funny stories about that. Another time. The goat dying just caused me to think about all the memories we have here.And all the times to come!   

Here's to you Brownie!!
Brownie waiting for a handout. 

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