Thursday, August 29, 2013

Buntings for Tennessee in Memory of Carter

I have been sewing a few Angel Outfitters bereavement buntings, for babies born at 14-19 weeks gestation, too tiny and fragile for clothes or diapers. Two years ago (WHERE does time go?) I wrote about the quilts I made for our identical twin grandsons Carter and Cohen.

I had fabric leftover from those quilts. I kept bringing it down to cut into diapers or quilt pieces or buntings, but could never do it and set it aside. It reminded me too much of making those quilts and how things turned out and I wanted to keep it because it was for Carter. This month I brought it down again. I cut a large piece and put it in my dresser to keep. For me. I was ready to use the rest of the fabric and what better than these little buntings for other special angels and their families. These buntings give grieving families something special for their baby. Made just for them. 
Carter's quilt that he was buried in. 
It is and honor and very humbling  to be able to make these buntings for the tiny angels. It lets their families know that their baby was special, real and very important. Making these buntings helps me honor and remember Carter by giving to others. He is forever in my heart, forever loved, NEVER forgotten.
The card with Carters name on it that goes in every bunting.

Small bunting (14-16 weeks) with Carters fabric! 

60 buntings for Tennessee  

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