Thursday, September 19, 2013

Parents go to Vegas...

Josh and Joel have headed to Vegas for World Fastpitch something...They took the wives. I get the kids! SO I have my 4 oldest grandkids for 9 days. This post is mostly for their parents so they can see what is happening..or not. I am REALLY happy the parents got to get away, with each other.

I am NOT the photo taker that Karen and Christine are.
Wouldn't want anyone to starve... I appreciate all the food the girls sent! 

I picked the kids up at school at 3. Josiah and Eli came out with their bus notes ready to rumble. Eli said Jordan got called to the office. Ok. I go in the office and ask the gal if Jordan is there. "Maybe on the other side" she muttered with out looking up. Now I AM looking for a 7 yr old who has NOT showed up... So I go to "the other side"  look around for Jordan, not seeing him, I ask this gal if she has seen Jordan. "nope" was the reply, again, without looking up. Ok, no biggie, missing 7 yr old. I got outside. Jordan is clinging to Josiah and Eli, Saying "I RIDE HOME WITH GRAMMA! CAROL RINEHART!! and begins SPELLING my name to the gal who is attempting to shove him on bus 5 to ride home to Grammas house. (Which by the way, IS BUS 14, today!) My man Jordan KNOWS his numbers. Bus 14 is bus 5 today, due to breakdowns. So I round up the boys and make for the car, before the sheriff is called... I HAVE talked to the bus garage 3 times about the NEW pickups at my house... oh well.

We went to Karen's, had snacks and did homework for an hour. Changed Eli into his full soccer gear and headed to Bender by 4 for his practice. NOT a SOUL at Bender today. hmmm. Wait, wait. OK, safely assuming practice is cancelled, we head home!

The boys played lego's, and outside for a while and then did reading. Eli had forgotten his reading book and I did not have much appropriate for Jordans reading time, SO ELI read COHEN'S picture books to Jordan. They are both cracking up at Spot and Goodnight Moon. Then Eli had more time to go, so he read them BACKWARDS, which provided much more hilarity.

Grampa picked up Michelle, we had dinner and off to Church for Grampa, Eli and Josiah. Jordan got some quiet time.
Michelle helping with lunches. 

 I read to him and he was fast asleep by 8.

 Michelle went to bed at 8:30 and was asleep when the Awana crew rolled in at 8:35.
Michelle's instagram photo for the day. Ice Cream, of course! 

  I did dishes and laundry and filled out picture forms and gathered up Thursdays gear. Michelle had helped me make lunches earlier. They have early release today. I do not know if this means lunch at 9:30 or not, so lunch can become snack...

Eli informs me that tonight is PARENT night! I said, "WHEW, I am not the parent!". He said well and the person who takes care of you. I said, "WHEW, I am OFF the hook!".  I assured him grandparents were exempt and I have done LOTS of parent nights and I am well trained. And I just don't see myself dashing to 3 classrooms. AND it is WAY past my bedtime.
Luncehes, Bus passes, folders...

Jordans clothes. labeled with the days of the week! Love it, Karen! 

Backpacks and shoes of the day at the ready. 

Here we go...

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  1. I like it sis. You are probably going to get hired for months at a time. LOL
    Love you