Sunday, September 22, 2013


I am kind of out of words today. We went to church, came home and ate. I took a nap. The boys seem to be accumulating energy as the hours pass... I had Jordan take a "rest" as he seems to have contracted the cold from Cohen and Ezra. 

They have been playing "house" upstairs. Lots of coloring, and reading to each other. They had lots of outside time once the rains stopped. Now they get and hour of wii before we wind into the bedtime hours...

Michelle made apple crisp and a double batch of cookies for lunches. She made a batch last night and it was eaten in an hour. 
My faithful assistant!

We did have to re-institute the "laps around the house" activity. 5 seems to be a good number. For starters....

Fess up Sunday?
I wrote a bus pass for Karen Rinehart. Michelle was able to use it and get on the bus. The driver never even looked at it. 

We have not eaten ANY Cheerios for breakfast, so I told them it was FINE to have them for dinner, as we had hot breakfast, so what does it matter if you eat them early or late...

Have fun and I am SO happy everyone survived skydiving. 

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