Monday, September 23, 2013


This is a bit backwards. BUT They were all in bed at 8 last night and it did us all a world of good. Lots of rest. They had played hard outside most of the afternoon. And have been waking each other up WAY too early. Like 4 or 5 am early! 

The boys were ready to rumble for school. They have been doing a great job getting ready and out to the bus on time.  
These guys are pretty special. Josiah has taken on the role of "oldest guy" and I am loving the help he gives! Jordan made sure the garbage was hauled out to the road today, the MINUTE he got off the bus!! 

After school I try to let them chill with a snack and then they can ease into their homework. The boys were done today by the time I had to run to school and pick Michelle up after practice. 

AMAZING facts for today! Jordan can READ all these books!

Eli had ALL his homework done in 20 minutes!!! 

AND Michelle and Josiah are planning to write a book together. I kind of hope 8 days at Grammas doesn't have much to do with this! 

Josiah landed at a site for Science Kids. SO he did an experiment to see if eggs float in salt water. 

YEP! They do!! 

Michelle has been working on a photo challenge for the month on Instagram. This involves shooting "selfies" for more of the afternoon, until I need my phone back. Today was "smile". And hers IS beautiful! She has also been keeping the laundry moving along! 

But she found a cool app:  Sketch Guru
Then she threatened me that I may NOT hack her instagram and post photos of myself all day while she is at school. hmmmm  

We are settling into a nice routine here. I am sad that the rains have returned. Michelle's fastpitch game was rained out today. Tomorrow is the make up game, and Jordans football game. 

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  1. thank you so much for posting each day! I am actually really starting to miss the daily routine of being home.