Friday, September 20, 2013

It's FRIDAY we get to stay up LATE!!! ????

It's Friday- all ready! Josiah said, "It's FRIDAY! we get to stay up LATE!" hmmm O.K. That's like 9:30, right? 

Michelle was off to the bus, in the dark again. She had no practice after school because they did so well at their game, coach gave them the day off. So she got to ride home on the bus for the first time. 

It is beginning to be VERY fall! 

Reminds me of the old days...

The boys left on the next shift. 
There was only ONE cow that was impressed with the favorite bus stop game, "kill each other with your backpack" 

In the afternoon we had a visit from our favorite 2 yr old and his mother. He had a fine time outside with Grampa, and found a beetle, grasshopper, bugs and a frog. They had snack time outside, with JANA?
Move over guys! 

We cleaned out the garden and dug the potatoes, picked squash, carrots, cabbage, and onions. Also finished up the tomatoes. Gramma will be busy tomorrow. 

Grasshopper Hunting

Dinner potatoes! 

The boys have spent the past 3 days counting my "money". Dividing it up into cups and labeling the $ in each cup. (this is a jar I put all my change in.)  They think it is a fortune and is is fun to listen to the ways that they think they can tap into this fortune. the most recent was Josiah, who thought since they had counted it all, we could divide it in half and I could KEEP half my money and the 4 of them could divide up the rest. That sounds fair. ???

It has been awesome to have my personal recycling facilitator on site. Saves me a lot of steps. 

After dinner I took Michelle to see a friend and the boys put together 2 United States puzzles. I found some stuff at the Thrift store that was new to them and seems to be working for some quiet entertainment. The price was right! 

I saw this in town today:

By the cemetery there USED to be these HUGE 80-100 ft fir trees. I drove in and did a double take because I thought it was giant cactus and I knew I was in the wrong state for that. They were cutting down all those HUGE trees behind the cemetery in the driveway to Lynden Meat. This guy was WAY up there! 

Happy Friday. Congrats on the two WINS Josh and Joel!! 

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