Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday. Soccer. Sun.

Today started as usual, EARLY. I don't mind as I am usually up by 5 or 6. So I get a quiet hour before 7. 

I started in the kitchen at 7 with Dutch babies and JUST left it at 7pm. 

I had a turkey in Jana's freezer and decided to thaw that out the other day, which seemed a great idea at the time. So I baked a turkey, made 10 pints of green tomato salsa, and 20 quarts of Italian tomato sauce. While the turkey was roasting. 

Grampa took all the boys to Eli's soccer game. They lost 2-1. But that gave me a FREE hour! They picked up Michelle on the way home. We had lunch and the kids played games. 

Then Grampa took them all for a walk out back to the pond, so I could have a quick nap. I am a much happier person with a 20 minute siesta. I gave Michelle and Josiah the camera today. they did great. Josiah came back with pictures of 25 farm implements! They found another frog and a dragonfly. And of course pockets full of rocks. 

Jana and Danny came to dinner to help us eat the Turkey. The kids played and played out side. Then I grabbed them in one by one and sent them to shower! They are watching a Looney Tune and then off to bed! 

Ezra could NOT take his eyes off Grampa's mashed potatoes! 

It was a really good day. No homework to worry about, etc. Very fun just playing. Michelle made peanut butter cookies and played with Ezra. 

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