Monday, March 9, 2015

Hawaii- Monday

Monday was busy. The boys went to see Karen for a couple hours, so I could do my day at the thrift store. She got Cohen on the bus and Ezra got to play at home for  few hours. When Cohen got home from school, I picked them up and brought them home for naps. This kept them on their usual weekly routine, sort of...Thank you Auntie Karen!
I LOVE Sunday walks around the pond, after a LONG Sunday nap!

Grampa was actually RUNNING, trying to get the little rock collectors moving. They think they need to stockpile rocks ALL the way, to have enough to throw in the pond. 

Big man, Ezra

First big rock! 

Never.ever.ever enough rock tossing. 

Ezra could not BELIEVE this was sitting behind the barn! uh uh uh UH UH UH UHHHHH UHHHHHH  UHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! He HAD to get on. 

Then he felt he needed to tell me how to make dinner. 

Before bed story. 

Thrift store find. Connect four and tiny tiny cars, perfect for the little hoarders. 

Goats are DARN fun. AND Cohen is climbing and climbing!!!!!! 

He went up and down EACH row! 

The goat Shepard had a BUSY day. Ezra and I came in at 5 to make dinner and Cohen stayed in his goat chair for another 30 minutes. He says they NEED him! 

Only 1 tragedy today. Ezra came out crying, holding his finger out to me to kiss. I kissed it and noticed how WET is was, at the SAME time Cohen let me know that, "Ezra keeps putting his fingers in the TOILET water, Gramma!".  Nice. Yech. 

They have been sleeping a bit later, because of the time change, but of course Cohen informed me that it CAN'T be bedtime, the sun is still up!

ALSO Ezra has started calling me, something! MAY MAY!! Close, really close... Gramma! 


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