Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jana and Danny go to Hawaii

Jana and Danny left the boys for pretty much the first time EVER (for more than a day or 2).  And went on a MUCH deserved trip to Hawaii for a week.

This is to let them see pictures of the boys, without  flooding Facebook. The boys pretty much putter their way through the day. The first time I saw Cohen be sad, was this morning, He SAW them on video chat, but we could not hear them. He got really sad and wanted to call them again. SO we phoned and he was fine and went back to his new hobby "goat tending".

SO here is the flood of pictures from he first few days.

Patterning with the pegs

They love playing on the landing of the stairs.  
 Everybody was SO excited about Pine cone pick up day! 

Throwing rocks in the water without worrying about someone falling in. 

Smoothie snack break! 


Banana pancake "cookies", for snack

Cohen insisted on pulling, Ezra insisted on riding. Not going anywhere too fast,

A pretty successful day when the house looks like this...

I noticed this after bed time... Looks like a bad cockroach disaster on the farm...

Dirty goat Shepard, ready for a bath. 

This reminded me of my dad. Super skinny, with the pants pulled way up. 

A little more goat watching. He now has an official chair! 

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